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service kit RacingBros Rock Shox Monarch / Monarch Plus

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Racingbros Performance AIR Seal Kit for Rock Shox Monarch and Monarch Plus shocks

This seal kit includes all the scrapers, glide rings,  Q-rings and O-rings which are needed for an air can service on all models Rock Shox Monarch and Monarch Plus

Compared to the original Rock Shox seals the Racingbros seals are made of a composite material with MoS2, graphite and PTFE that what is friction-reducing effect and increases the smoothness of the damper.

The special design of the sealing lip provides greater protection against the ingress of dirt, mud, water, etc. compared to the original dust seal. Laboratory studies of the life of 20,000 cycles and our two-year field experiments promise very durable products.

To achieve a perfect result, use of these seals when installing the RSP Slick Kick fat, which was specially developed for spring elements and is recommended by Fox, RockShox and SRAM.

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