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shock Ohlins TTX22m Imperial

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Unleash Unwavering Control and Superior Performance with the Öhlins TTX22m Imperial

Но цoil spring and mounting hardware are included.

Experience the pinnacle of suspension performance with the Öhlins TTX22m Coil Imperial Side-By-Side shock absorber, engineered to conquer the most demanding terrain while delivering exceptional pedal efficiency. This high-end shock embodies Öhlins' commitment to innovation and precision, providing riders with unwavering control, unparalleled comfort, and the confidence to push their limits.

Unparalleled Damping Control for Unmatched Performance

  • Harness Legendary TTX Technology: Benefit from Öhlins' renowned TTX technology, known for its exceptional damping control, sensitivity, and adjustability.

  • Refined Imperial Damping System: Experience the sophisticated Imperial damping system, featuring independent high-speed and low-speed compression and rebound damping circuits for precise tuning to match your riding style and terrain preferences.

  • Side-By-Side Design for Enhanced Functionality: Enjoy the advantages of the side-by-side design, offering optimized space utilization and enhanced access to adjustment controls, ensuring seamless tuning on the go.

  • Available sizes:

    190 x 51mm (7.5 x 2")
    200 x 51mm (7.87 x 2")
    200 x 57mm (7.87 x 2.25")
    216 x 63mm (8.5 x 2.5")
    222 x 70mm (8.75 x 2.75")
    241 x 76mm (9.5 x 3")
    267 x 89mm (10.5 x 3.5")

Tailored Performance with Precision Adjustments

  • 16 Clicks of Low-Speed Compression Damping: Fine-tune the low-speed compression damping with 16 precise clicks, ensuring optimal control over bottom-out resistance and pedaling efficiency.

  • 3 Clicks of High-Speed Compression Damping: Adapt the high-speed compression damping with 3 clicks of precision, maximizing control over harsh impacts and maintaining composure over rough terrain.

  • 7 Clicks of Rebound Damping: Dial in the rebound damping with 7 clicks of fine-tuning, ensuring smooth rebound control for a comfortable and responsive ride.

Unwavering Reliability and Durability for Demanding Adventures

  • High-Quality Materials for Exceptional Durability: Constructed from premium materials, including a robust aluminum body and durable components, the TTX22m Coil Imperial Side-By-Side is built to withstand the rigors of demanding side-by-side riding.

  • Advanced Manufacturing Processes for Precision Performance: Benefit from Öhlins' meticulous manufacturing processes, ensuring precise tolerances and exceptional long-term performance.

  • Rigorous Testing and Quality Assurance for Unwavering Confidence: Experience the confidence of a suspension system backed by Öhlins' rigorous testing and quality assurance procedures, ensuring unwavering reliability and durability.

Elevate Your Riding Experience to New Heights

  • Conquer Challenging Terrain with Confidence: Unleash your potential and conquer challenging terrain with unwavering control and unmatched suspension performance.

  • Experience Unparalleled Comfort: Enjoy a smooth and comfortable ride, even over the most demanding obstacles.

  • Embrace the Öhlins Difference: Discover the joy of riding with the Öhlins TTX22m Coil Imperial Side-By-Side, combining precision, performance, and durability to elevate your side-by-side riding experience to new heights.

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