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shock Ohlins TTX22m.2

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Öhlins TTX22m.2 Rear Shock: Dominate Downhill and Enduro Trails

Conquer the most demanding downhill trails and elevate your enduro riding experience with the Öhlins TTX22m.2 rear shock. This high-performance shock delivers unwavering control, exceptional comfort, and the confidence to push your limits on the most challenging terrain.

Unmatched Damping Control with Legendary TTX Technology

Harness Öhlins' renowned TTX technology for exceptional damping control, sensitivity, and adjustability. Fine-tune the damping characteristics with precise 22-click adjustments to optimize performance for your riding style and terrain.

Enhanced Bottom-Out Control and Smoother Mid-Stroke

Experience improved bottom-out control and smoother mid-stroke performance thanks to a redesigned bump rubber and cup combination. This innovative design reduces harsh bottoming and maintains composure over rough sections.

Tailored Performance for Every Adventure

Adapt the shock to any riding condition with a wider adjustment range for both high-speed and low-speed compression damping. Enhanced fit and adjustability with new cylinder heads ensure compatibility with various frames.

Seamless E-MTB Integration

Enjoy seamless integration with your e-MTB thanks to compatibility with a wide range of e-bike systems. Conquer any terrain with unmatched control and precision.

Unwavering Reliability for Demanding Conditions

Constructed from high-quality materials for exceptional durability. Rigorous testing and quality assurance procedures ensure unwavering reliability, lap after lap.

Specifications of the Öhlins TTX22m.2 rear shock

  • Metric version
  • specially designed for Gravity and Enduro bikes
  • Twin Tube Technology (TTX)
  • nitrogen pressure bladder accumulator system
  • easy change of stroke through 2.5mm spacer

Adjustment options

  • 3-way adjustable high-speed compression
  • 22-way adjustable low-speed compression
  • 7-way adjustable rebound


  • 210x55mm (Can be changed to 52.5 / 50 / 47.5mm)
  • 230x65mm (Can be changed to 62.5 / 60 / 57.5mm)
  • 250x75mm (Can be changed to 72.5 / 70 / 67.5mm)

Note: The installation length 250mm is supplied with the gold "DH compression Valve", all other installation lengths have the blue "Trail Valve".


Elevate Your Riding with Öhlins

Unleash your potential and conquer challenging terrain with unwavering control and unmatched suspension performance. Experience unparalleled comfort and redefine your expectations of downhill and enduro riding with Öhlins.

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