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steerer tube ND Tuned

119.00 лв.399.00 лв.


The steerer tubes ND Tuned are of the highest quality and are better than the stock ones commonly used by popular fork brands.

The steerer tube on each fork can be replaced with a longer and lighter ND Tuned. The options are:

Stem ND Tuned 1-1/8" Alu – 290 mm, 188 g

Stem ND Tuned Carbon XC Tapered – 250 mm, 92 g

Stem ND Tuned XC Tapered Alu -290 mm, 142 g

Stem ND Tuned Enduro Tapered Alu – 290 mm, 202 g

Stem ND Tuned E-Bike Tapered Alu – 290 mm, 232 g

They require special tools and technique to be installed. If you're not ready to perform the procedure, you can entrust your fork to VeloBoost to perform a professional operation.

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