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tuning damper ND Tuned OVR for Fox and Rock Shox

779.00 лв.


ND Tuned OVR for Fox and Rock Shox is a unique fork cartridge system creating damping forces without any oil in the circuits, but just with nitrogen.

The OVR kit includes all parts needed for the fork conversion plus a set of ND Tuned wiper seals.

OVR is a system that applies resistance to low speed compression movement.

The OVR creates a pedal platform but does not fully locks the fork, only parcial.

The OVR first objective is to find a good compromise between fork comfort and anti-oscillation / pedaling efficiency, without changing its tuning.

OVR by ND Tuned provides not only racing performance, but also a serious wegth reductions about 150-300 grams, depending on the fork.

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Weight 0.020 kg
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