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fork Ohlins RXF34 M.2 Air 29″ Boost 110x15mm

2,799.00 лв.


Öhlins RXF34 m.2 Air 29" Fork: Unleash Precision Control and Unmatched Performance

Experience the pinnacle of trail riding performance with the Öhlins RXF34 m.2 Air 29" Fork. This high-performance suspension fork is designed to elevate your riding experience, providing exceptional control, smooth handling, and unmatched performance on a variety of terrains.

Unleash the Power of OTX18 Damping Technology:

  • Optimized for Lightweight Trail Bikes: Experience the newly-designed OTX18 damper, specifically engineered for lightweight trail bikes, delivering exceptional traction, control, and weight optimization.

  • Fine-Tune Your Ride: Enjoy the impressive adjustability of the OTX18 damper, featuring 15 clicks of low-speed compression and rebound damping, along with 3 clicks for high-speed compression adjustments.

  • 120mm or 130mm Travel: Choose the ideal travel for your terrain preferences, from hard-hitting downcountry tracks to playful uphill riding.

  • Extensive Setting Bank: Customize your ride feel with the included large and extensively-tested setting bank, allowing you to tailor the fork's performance to your exact preferences.

Experience Point-and-Shoot Precision Steering:

  • Super-Stiff Chassis: Conquer technical trails with confidence thanks to the RXF34 m.2's super-stiff chassis, delivering precise steering and unwavering control.

  • Full Coverage Lower Leg Design: Enjoy increased stiffness, impact resistance, and lower leg volume, achieved through a full coverage lower leg design.

  • Enhanced Air Spring Performance: Experience the benefits of increased air volume at the bottom of the fork, enhancing the impact of the air spring on overall performance.

Unlock a World of Adjustment Options:

  • Spring Rate and Progression: Fine-tune the spring rate and progression externally via air pressure adjustments.

  • High-Speed Compression Damping: Optimize performance with 3-click high-speed compression damping adjustments.

  • Low-Speed Compression Damping: Dial in the perfect low-speed compression damping with 15-click precision.

  • Rebound Damping: Adjust rebound damping to your liking with 15-click control.

Elevate Your Trail Riding Experience:

  • Unmatched Control: Conquer the most challenging trails with unwavering control and unmatched performance.

  • Smooth Handling: Experience smooth, responsive handling, allowing you to navigate technical sections with ease.

  • Exceptional Performance: Elevate your riding experience with a suspension fork designed for the ultimate trail performance.

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